You have already explored parts of the REUSE universe and would like to go one step further? Read more background, get in touch with the community and help us spread the word!

Get in touch

Just like Free Software, the REUSE project is based on its community and the people who support and adopt it. Become part of it by joining the mailing list to get to know other users, and influence the way REUSE evolves. Likewise, you can directly contact the REUSE coordinators throughout our mailing list.

REUSE Booster

To help even more projects adopt the REUSE best practices, we have initiated REUSE Booster: a program that gives Free Software projects the opportunity to reach out to us and receive help by the FSFE’s licensing experts. Our REUSE Booster team is also actively reaching out to projects. With individual assessments and direct technical assistance, we boost the communication of licensing and copyright information.

Latest news

REUSE evolves rapidly thanks to its active community. Have a look at the latest official news. Also make sure to sign up the mailing list to stay up-to-date with the most important discussions.

Similar initiatives

There are many initiatives working on Free Software licensing and compliance. REUSE contributes to this effort but does not replace tools and best practices in other places of the compliance chain. Have a look at other projects we collaborate with and their specifics.

Spread the word

The more projects understand and adopt REUSE, the easier use and re-use of software is for everyone. Please feel free to use ready material to spread the word. The REUSE graphics can be used under a Creative Commons license. Different versions and file formats of the REUSE video are directly available on our download server.