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We are grateful for everyone who supports REUSE. The ever-growing ecosystem of specification, documentation, helper tool, API and a lot more demands time and funds. Thanks to volunteers, cooperating organisations and projects, as well as corporate sponsors, REUSE can constantly evolve and improve.

Users and adopters

A project that follows the REUSE best practices makes its licensing and copyright situation transparent, ensures that third-party code is attributed correctly, and makes it easily re-usable for other developers. Because REUSE does not require a registration and can even be used offline, we don’t have precise user statistics. Below you can find some we know of.

If your community or company has implemented REUSE but is not listed, feel free to contact us.

Corporate Sponsors

We kindly invite companies to adopt and support REUSE. As standardised and simple best practices for declaring copyright and licensing information largely improve internal compliance processes, we are happy if corporate actors contribute back to REUSE.

If your company is interested in becoming a REUSE sponsor, please approach us.