Example repositories

These repositories are basic, but each of them is REUSE compliant. We make them available to demonstrate how REUSE works in practice.

  • Simple Hello - the most basic repository, a single source code file and license.
  • Included Hello - a simple repository with included source code under a different license.
  • SPDX Hello - a repository with Git commit hooks which automatically generate a bill of materials after each commit.
  • curl - a repository which shows what a REUSE compliant curl repository would look like.


  • REUSE Lint, a tool to validate whether a repository is REUSE compliant or not.
  • BOM-NodeJS, a bill of materials generator in NodeJS, as an example, used in the SPDX Hello repository above.


Aside from the practices, we have some blog posts and similar documents which might be useful for you to understand how the REUSE practices work.. in practice.

  • REUSE curl, a guide in making a mid sized project like curl REUSE compliant.
  • REUSE templates, some information about our REUSE example repositories.