Get help to become REUSE compliant

Implementing the REUSE principles is easy. Even without legal knowledge, project maintainers can massively improve the licensing and copyright declaration of their software.

But sometimes, everyone needs some extra help. All you have to do is ask your friends. That is why we assist Free Software projects with making their repositories REUSE compliant! That will ensure that your project ships one or multiple licenses in a standardised location and form, and that each file is equipped with information about its license and copyright.

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Our offer to you

Over the past few years, the legal experts of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) and stewards of the REUSE initiative have helped a three-digit number of Free Software projects to resolve legal issues and become REUSE compliant, for example as a consortium member of the Next Generation Internet Zero (NGI0) project.

Equipped with this experience, we will keep supporting projects to implement copyright and licensing best practices that will help them as well as their users and re-users.

Our REUSE Booster team is actively approaching projects to guide them in the journey of making their projects REUSE compliant. With individual assesments and direct assistance, we aim to boost the displaying of unambiguous and perfectly human- and machine-readable licensing and copyright information.

If you are interested in implementing REUSE in your project, and you are seeking the support of our REUSE Booster team, don’t hesitate to reach us through our mailing list.

As result of our close interaction and support in the framework of REUSE Booster, projects such as curl, GNU Health and cosmoscout-vr from DLR (German Aerospace Center), among others, have become REUSE compliant. We will be happy to help you joining them!